Bebear Comel

dear future hubby
i've waited , so long to find you. gone through some many worthless guys who never truly cared or love me at all . but i know one day , it'll all be so worth it . i know some day i will find you .

see i might fall easily but i have walls, i have barriers and i have chain link fences around my heart , and they're there simply waiting for you to break them down , so please break them down . and no matter what , please dont give up on me. because sometimes i might need a little to much attention and sometimes i'll get jealous of all the girls i think you'd want more than me. but please prove to me that the only girl you'll ever want is me.

please prove for me that i'm not second best, cause all my life thats all i've ever been to anyone. please show me that all the guys in my life aren't all the same and that it was worth all the pain waiting for you to come fix my shattered soul, my broken heart.

oh, thats another thing. i have some scars, some bruises and some cuts of past loves. please look past those and see that i'm worth your love. cause i know i am . and i know that i'll be the best you ever had if you just give me the chance to prove to you that i am worth your time.

and please fall in love with me when you have me , because i'm sick of all the boys who wait to fall in love, when i've moved on and no longer love then. don't hold back, smother me with your love. cause' honestly , you're all i've been waiting for and i've been waiting so long . so please be worth th wait. please love me for me and all the baggage i may come with. please love all my quirks and twist and turns, and love the fact that i'm going to love you with all my heart. cause i promise i will

Thanks for reading :)

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