Bebear Comel


dear you , 

dou you know what am i feeling today ? 

i am very tired + dissapointed = giving up 

dear you , 

cant you understand me deeper ? 

do i have to tell you that i am no satisfied with you ? 

do i have to cry to make you really understand my situation ? 

cant you feel me ? 

are you a stone ? 

sit there and watch me 

is that you ? 

how can i make you listen ? 

how can i make you feel ? 

or are you heartless ? 

dear you , 

i am sick of you 

my heart is now bitter 

and i hope 

one day you will understand 

if i walk away from your life 

i am no body 

and i am not looking for perfection 

caring is good enough for me 

for me to feel you are always be by my side 

till the day come 

i wont look back 

surely i will leaving you 


Thanks for reading :)

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