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start scribbling my own blog
hi . this is my own blog . previously already have blogs about emy wif beloved lover MUHAMMAD TAQARABBAH . when seeing friend there is own blog, emy ticked at heart want there is own blog . now emy already have own blog, so i can share all my feeling at all friend . okbeginning now i want introduce myself . name that dad with mom for me time new born was NUR EMILIA BT MAT NORDIN . siblings and cousin call emy with LIA @ YA . if friend . they comfortable with EMYLIA @ EMY . then, my buncet call  me, LIA . he my boyz that call me , LIA . date born if friend want know, 19 / november / 1992 . all of you need to know yeah, cause later all of you should give me present  . hahahah . just kiddin . i young more, new 19 years . but now not enter 19 more .count 18 years . :) i pahang origin . certainly in produce in pahang and reside in KUANTAN from small until today . so love want split with pahang state .  u all must want know how me rite . emy jusz simple person. talkative when with people that i know . if people that dont know me, they will talk that im arrogant . emy not arrogant orite ! i only ashamed want to talk wif people if people not start will ago .sory yeah ! one that cheerful . lastly i want all of you know . i gregarious with anyone BUT i dislike friend that like talk back .if you want to condemn me, please stay away with me  i dun like frenz like u . to my friend that one  . already want talk about other people . you see urself . urself already quite perfect to talk about other people . enough until are here for this beginning . later continue again yeah . love family .friend and my dear . 

Thanks for reading :)

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